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Playa Ondarreta

Playa de Ondarreta
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Ondarreta is an urban beach located in the Antiguo quarter, right under the slope of Igueldo mount and bordering on the renowned sculptural work by Chillida Peine de los Vientos at one end, and on Pico del Loro at the other. The latter is a stone outcrop which separates Ondarreta beach from La Concha beach. Ondarreta is almost half as long as La Concha, however, it is much wider, which makes it more convenient to stay there when the tide is high, so that you still have plenty of space to lie in the sun. Owing to its width, Ondarreta has a greater total area: 60.000 square metres. Source: http://www.sansebastian.co.uk/ondarreta-beach/

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