Blog Donostia-San Sebastian City Tour

  • 08 août 2017

    Markets in San Sebastián

    Cathégories: Marchés

    In San Sebastián there is a wide variety of markets that are specially recommended to those tourists interested in breathing the essence of the city and getting involved in local life. ...

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  • 27 juil. 2017

    Demolishing walls for modernisation

    Cathégories: Monuments

    The expansion of San Sebastián in the late XIX century after the demolition of the wall caused a great renovation of the city, which after this became a referent at a ...

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  • 30 juin 2017

    'Pinchos', culinary art in miniature

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    San Sebastian is the most charming city of the north of Spain and one of the most special traditions of local people is going for pinchos. This goes further than the simple fact of ...

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  • 05 mai 2017

    Gastronomy in San Sebastian

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    Mouth-watering cod with potatoes dressed with the delicious ‘al pil-pil’ sauce, a sauce made of oil, garlic and small hot peppers. You probably know about this recipe, one of the ...

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  • 17 mars 2017

    Surf in Donostia

    The sea of California, tanned bodies and the music of The Beach Boys. That is how, as young kids, we saw surf in the big screen. Nowadays, this sport is widespread all over the world and even ...

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