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30 août 2018

Euskal Jaiak, Basque sports culture

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Euskal Jaiak

Euskal Jaiak is the celebration of the Basque sport of reference in the City of San Sebastián. It consists of a celebration that this year will take place between the 30th August and the 9th September and it is focused on sport.

During these dates there will be competitions and presentations of the most typical Basque sports. Regattas, Basque pelota, swimming in the bay, water polo…, a paradise for sport lovers.

Apart from the events related to sport, this celebration is complementary with other activities: gastronomy, cinema, poetry, handcraft markets and much more.

Do you like beer? Do not miss the Basque Beer Fest. Do you prefer enjoying a music showing of one of the most typical instruments in the region? Attend the passacaglia taking place in the old town organised by the dulzaineros.

One of the most awaited activities of these dates is the Sagardo Eguna (Day of the Cider). It will be held on Saturday 1st September. You will be able to taste different ciders of up to 35 cider manufacturers in Guipúzcoa.

If this summer you visit Donostia, do not miss the Euskal Jaiak!