About us


We are Donostia – San Sebastián City Tour, get to know us!

Donostia – San Sebastián City Tour runs the sightseeing bus and train service in the city of San Sebastián.

• The Donostia / San Sebastián City Tour train runs thanks to the joint venture of the following companies: JULIA TRAVEL, S.L., AUTOCARES JULIÀ, S.L. y VIZTOR TURÍSTICA S.L., UTE.

• The Donostia / San Sebastián City Tour also runs the hop on hop off bus service of the city in a joint venture between JULIA TRAVEL, S.L. and AUTOMÓVILES LUARCA, S.A.U.

The partnerships represented have a long track record both in the tourism and transport industries, which ensures an efficient and quality service based on years of experience.

The city sightseeing train and bus service seeks to reinforce the cultural and tourist offer of the city, helping to promote its heritage with a complete experience for all travelers.

Let our routes take you to the main points of interest in San Sebastián. All our vehicles have been adapted to offer a wide range of services that improve the on board experience. The geolocated audio guide, the accessible ramp, the TFT screens or the sliding roof are just some examples.

The hop on hop off service lets us offer our passengers the possibility to enjoy the sightseeing bus tour throughout the day. So that you can explore the city at your own pace while touring in a quick, comfortable and fun way.
The train tour is aimed to those who want to enjoy a comfortabele panoramic tour and see the city from another perspective.

Not only does the technical part allow us to offer a good service but also our entire team performance. The staff on board, the vendors and our customer service team will help you  keep a nice memory of the city and your experience on board.

About City Tour Worldwide

Donostia – San Sebastián City Tour is a trade mark of City Tour Worldwide, the Grupo Julià brand specialised both in the management and operation of sightseeing trains and buses and the sale of tourism products and services.

With the goal to share your trips with you and help you discover each destination in a different and fun way, we hope you trust our City Tour service again in the future.

New from Grupo Julià

City Tour is proud to be part of Grupo Julià.

In the year we celebrate our 90th anniversary, Grupo Julià continues to lead the way in the travel industry. For nine decades, we have dedicated our commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences to travelers around the world.

On this 90th anniversary, we would like to express our gratitude to all the travelers who have trusted us over the years. We look forward to continuing to be your number one choice for unforgettable experiences in cities around the world – here’s to 90 years of history and many more adventures ahead!

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