Frequently asked questions


Frequently Asked Questions

All San Sebastian Donostia City Tour buses feature an access ramp and room for wheelchairs. Each bus has a maximum capacity of 1 wheelchair.

The Donostia San Sebastián City Tour trains run every 60 minutes in low and middle seasons and every 30 minutes in high season. Click here for more information about the schedules.

The train run every 60 minutes in low and middle seasons and every 45 minutes in high season. Click here for more information about the schedules.

The bus route lasts 1 hour and the train route lasts 40 minutes.

You can get on the bus at any stop along the route, but you can only hop on and off the train at the starting point. The train route has no stops.

With our Hop-on Hop-off service, you can get on and off the bus as often as you like during your ticket’s validity period.

The entire route features a modern multi-channel audio guide system offering descriptions in eight languages of all the interesting sights along the way.

We inform about the service disruptions, we recommend you visit the website the specific day you are going to use the service.

Unfortunately you must make a new purchase, since the lost ticket could have been used by someone else. You can only board the bus with a valid ticket, and its loss or theft does not give rise to any entitlement to replacement or refund. Not other forms of payment receipt or reused vouchers are accepted. Once you have acquired your ticket, you must keep it, as you must be able to show it both when boarding the bus and during routine checks. It is the customer’s responsibility to prove that he or she has been supplied with a ticket and, if this has not happened, to ask for one from our on-board staff when making the purchase.

Any items found aboard our vehicles or that are turned in to us will be held for a period of one month. Check by calling us on 629 650 376.

If the transaction has been processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation via email. Anyway, if you have coverage problems, do not make the purchase more than once until you receive the confirmation.

If you make a purchase and do not receive any email with the vouchers attached, please, contact us in and we will send them to you.

Our buses have no luggage storage. So, if you have luggage, it can only consist of small suitcases you can take with you and that do not take up any other seat, aisle space or emergency exits. We regret to say that large suitcases or packages are not allowed on board.

Yes, but it must be properly folded and placed where it won’t inconvenience other passengers.

Only service dogs are allowed.

No, seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes, since these are different ways of enjoying the best our city has to offer, the tickets are different.

For the bus route the ticket is valid for 24 hours. For the train route, for only one journey.

Tickets for the train and bus may be purchased year-round on our website, in the Tourism Office (Boulevard 8), in most hotels and through our business partners. During the high season, they are also available at sales points located at the start of the routes (Reina Regente and Paseo de Salamanca). Please remember that you have to print the voucher and show it on paper to board the train.

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