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Barrio Antiguo / Las Esclavas

Barrio Antiguo - Las Esclavas
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The El Antiguo neighbourhood is in the west part of the bay, flanked by the Igeldo and Aiete hills. It goes from the north of the Ibaeta lowlands to the coast and then up the hill where the seminary is located. It includes the eastern part of Monte Igeldo, on whose slopes are the theme park, the Faro (lighthouse) road, Erregenea and Torre Satrústegui, as well as all the territory east of the line connecting the Paseo de Igeldo and the Camino de Tximistarri. It includes Benta Berri, while Lugaritz, for geographical reasons, is part of Aiete. Source: http://www.diariovasco.com/v/20130827/san-sebastian/barrios-sebastian-20130827.html

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