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31 Oct 2016

Peine del Viento

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Peine del Viento

The famous Peine del Viento –Wind Comb– sculptural ensemble is now located at the western end of San Sebastian, at the end of Ondarreta beach and at the foot of Monte Igeldo. It was the fifteenth design of a series of twenty three sculptures that Eduardo Chillida started in 1952 and finished in 1999. If you are interested in art and culture, take advantage of Donostia San Sebastian City Tour and visit the European Capital of Culture 2016 aboard the tourist bus or the panoramic train in the most comfortable way.

Chillida loved repetition as a way of experimenting about a same subject. This is why he made twenty-three different Peines del Viento. Three of them were dedicated to Picasso, Allende and Neruda, and a forth one, the most famous, the Peine del Viento XV, was donated to the City Council of San Sebastian.

The Peine del Viento XV was originally a single sculpture, but even eventually Chillida decided it would consist of three sculptures, he preferred to keep the original name in singular instead of plural.

Even being a sculptural ensemble with strong symbolism, the artist never wanted to interpret the art work because he considered that everyone had to give a personal interpretation. Anyway, it is known that he sculpted it in tribute to his people and that it was located in front of the sea offering a view of the work with the horizon line in the middle because he considered that the sea was his teacher and the horizon the homeland of mankind.

Hop off Donostia San Sebastian City Tour tourist bus at the 11th stop (Tenis/Peine del Viento) to discover for yourself this homage to the city or, if you prefer, enjoy the best views from the official train without getting off it.