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30 Jun 2017

'Pinchos', culinary art in miniature

Categories: Must-see

San Sebastian is the most charming city of the north of Spain and one of the most special traditions of local people is going for pinchos. This goes further than the simple fact of eating: people move from bar to bar while enjoying the company. With the original piece of bread covered with food behind them, the haute cuisine has reinvented the pincho into their own sphere.

Calle 31 de agosto is one of the most indicated streets to enjoy a nice tour of pinchos in San Sebastian. It was the unique street that survived the devastating fire of the 31st of August in 1813.

La Cueva is the classical tavern where you can taste simple but tasty pinchos, highlighting the mushrooms one. At Txuleta, the specialty are the hot pinchos and the most ordered are always the croquettes ones. On the other side we can find more original proposals like the pincho-hamburger with fried banana at A fuego negro.

Do not miss the opportunity of living one of the most rooted traditions of the Basque culture when you visit San Sebastian. Our tourist bus San Sebastian City Tour will be the perfect way to visit the city and to stop to taste the famous pinchos. Get off at the stop 2 of our panoramic bus route and you will access Calle 31 de Agosto in 5 minutes walking.