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Estación Tren y Bus - Tabakalera


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San Sebastian Tourist Bus Route

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6 points of interest
Location: Paseo de Francia, San Sebastián

The Train Station - Tabakalera stop is near the river Urumea, next to the amazing bridge of María Cristina Zubia. If you hop off the bus at this stop, you can stroll along Paseo Urumea right until the mouth of the river in the Cantabric Sea. This is a peaceful walk surrounded by vegetation during which it won't be difficult to see different rowing teams practicing for their races.

Other nearby sightseeing spots are the Park of Crisitina Enea, an oasis with swans and peacocks you can enjoy in the middle of the city or the Palace of Duque de Mandas, which houses the Cristina Enea Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of the environment and sustainability.

This stop is the closest one both to the bus and train stations, so if you arrive to San Sebastián with one of this transports, remember you can hop on the sightseeing bus here.