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Funicular de Monte Igeldo


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Location: Plaza del Funicular, San Sebastián

The Monte Igueldo Funicular Stop will let you travel in time and go up the summit, where both fun for the youngest ones and the best panoramic views of the city await you.

The funicular preserves all the charm of its original 1912 design. Its innauguration coincided with the one of the Monte Igueldo Amusement Park, which to this day has survived as a classic venue. Here, attractions aimed to children stand out. The Carroussel, the Laugh Walk, the Swiss Mountain or the Mysterious River are just some of them.

Whether you are traveling with children or not, we recommend you climb up the summit of Monte Igueldo to enjoy a unique scenery, which you will recognize as one of the classic postcards of the Bahía de la Concha.

Our stop is right in front the square of the Funicular, very close to other points of interest such as the Ondarreta beach or the Peine del Viento.