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There is a dragon living in Monte Igueldo!

Yes, his name is Igeltxo and he comes from the Viking’s lands far north. He came to Igueldo long time ago. He is a privileged dragon because he enjoys the best views of Donosti-San Sebastian when he has a walk through the Panoramic Terraces of Monte Igueldo. Also he was seen enjoying some of his favorite ¨pintxos¨ in the Gastro-Bar Carrousel. Do you want to find out his story? The only way to do it is visiting the amusement park of Donosti in Monte Igueldo. There you can get to know the dragon and find out more about this legend.

But Monte Igueldo is much more than just the home of Igeltxo. It is a Monumental Landmark which opened doors in the 1911 as a Casino for the high Donostian society. After that it was used as an elegant ballroom. Actually Monte Igueldo is a charming and endearing amusement park.

The new attractions included in the last years keep the visitor´s interest alive. Visitors can have a walk through a replica of a typical coastal Donostian village, they can sail in an authentic txalupa or txipironera or enjoy the huge waves of the Swiss Mountain. These are just some of the attractions which are expecting the pubic of all ages: families, young people and seniors can find their space in Monte Igueldo.

You can reach Monte Igueldo taking the panoramic tourist bus Donosti City Tour and you can get off on the stop nº 12 Funicular. In a few steps distance you will find a small train with an original carriages from the 1912. This train will take you to the enjoyable Complex which keeps its original aspect from the begging of the XX century.

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