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09 Jan 2019

Txotx! Cider season in Guipúzcoa

Categories: Festivities
20190109_blog_SSCT_temporada sidra

The cider season does not need a presentation in San Sebastián, but we explain some basic concepts if you are not familiar with it. The first thing you need to know is when the cry of txotx! sounds, it is the moment to enjoy a menu as filling as tasty: chorizo, cod omelette, chop, Idiazábal cheese, walnuts and quince.

The first harvest of natural cider runs from January to the end of April. This period is known as sagardo denboraldia, or txotx, and represents the only opportunity to drink new cider directly from the barrel.

The start of the season is a ritual. Before tasting the first cider, the txalaparta - a Basque percussion instrument - plays its music. It is followed by the sagar dantza, a traditional dance with apples from the Baztán Valley. Finally, when the Gure sagardo berria - Our new cider! - is proclaimed, is the moment to taste the first shot.

If you come to San Sebastián to taste the natural cider and try the traditional menu, profit your visit to get to know the city. With San Sebastian City Tour you can move around Donostia and enjoy the convenience of our hop on hop off service.